How to order

Order Amount
Order > 600 CNY
Order < 600 CNY
Service Fee
5% x Item costs (NOT include Domestic shipping cost)
Minimum 30 CNY

Step 1 Place order
Simply place your order by Quick Order button, or email us your order. Please make sure to mark the item details, such as size, color, and so on.

Step 2 First payment
You will receive an excel quotation within 24 hours, in which you will see the details of your 1st payment.
[1st Payment = Item price + China domestic shipping fee + Service fee]

Step 3 Purchase order
We start to buy your order as soon as your 1st payment is paid. It normally takes 3-5 days collect your items.       We will keep you informed of the latest news by email.

Step 4 Second payment
You will receive the items’ photos and the 2nd payment quotation when your order is ready. Please pay for the 2nd payment (international shipping cost) if you think everything looks ok.

Step 5 Receive packages
You will get your package in 5-7 days by using EMS, and you can always check where your package is by the tracking number we provided.

Finally, enjoy your China online shopping with us! If you have any other questions about our service procedure, please feel free to email us at and regards